Selling a property is both a beauty contest and a price war. Here are some things that can help you win the beauty contest over competing houses for sale:  


Visualize to Neutralize.You’ll want buyers to try to imagine themselves living in your house. The less personal items visible, the better. Buyers are naturally curious and their agent will work to keep them focused on the house, not on what’s in the house.Get a jump on packing and remove family photographs from walls, bulletin boards,and refrigerators. Consider replacing any bold color choices in your flooring and walls with something more neutral- beiges, tans, and whites. This will help prospective buyers imagine all the possibilities of making your house their home.


Declutter. It’s amazing what we can fit into our houses! Closets, corners, and countertops are black holes for our stuff. Your house will appear bigger, brighter, and more desirable when clutter is minimized. Coffee makers, toasters, etc. are best stored in cabinets. Toiletries in bathrooms can be stored in a bin out of site and easily accessible for your use.


Deep Clean for Big Bucks. A thorough cleaning of kitchen and baths will bring you big rewards. Are the carpets ready for a professional cleaning? I can recommend a reputable company. Don’t forget to consider straightening up the garage so buyers can easily tour it.


Repair. We’ll talk about any deferred maintenance issues and, if necessary, you can decide which ones to address.  Don’t forget to address any issues with the exterior- fences, shingles, sidewalks, etc. After all, without curb appeal,some buyers may never get to see the inside.